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Miller Engineering is committed to scientifically advancing the state of the art and to sponsoring and creating scholarly publications. These categories to the left are examples of current or completed research projects. They represent the types of projects we have the expertise in to do additional work. For a listing of the written articles which have evolved from this research see Miller Engineering Publications Index.

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Accident Reconstruction, Simulation, and Analysis
-boat crash/impact simulations using dynamic "sled tests"
-auto and boat crash analysis using computer simulation
-boat accident damage vs resulting injury causation
-contributory driver/operator behavior leading to accidents
-task and accident analysis involving slip/falls from vehicles and elevations
-reconstruction of automated equipment use and maintenance accident


Vehicles (Highway, Off-Road, RV's, ATV's) & Highway Design
-van and truck egress/ingress
-auto haul trailers: loading/unloading task analysis
-auto haul trailers: slip, fall and musculoskeletal injury cause analysis
-off road construction equipment slip/fall analyses
-road construction signage
-visibility analysis of field of view from heavy vehicle driver position


Water Recreational Products
-expected behavior and responsibilities of power boat drivers
-water skiing injury analysis
-effects of warnings and swimming pool design on swimming accidents
-collisions and injuries involving powered personal watercraft: i.e., jet skis, wave runners
-"sled tests" to simulate passenger movement during boat crashes
-dynamic tests of boat seat integrity


Consumer & Home (CPSC) Products
-laundry appliance repair electrical accidents
-ranges and cooker-fryer accidents involving children
-dynamic testing of structural properties of portable seating
-design and testing of garage auto exhaust emission systems

Machine & Material Handling Equipment Safety
-conveyor equipment entanglement
-fork lift truck visibility and stability considerations
-hazard analysis of robotic assembly operations


Service, Repair & Maintenance Procedures & Accidents
-safe maintenance procedures for processing and manufacturing equipment
-equipment lockout and interlock design and usage

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Climbing Systems: Slip and Fall Prevention
-determining fall potential of surfaces used for walking, climbing, and working
-climbing system analysis of trucks, construction and agricultural equipment
-measuring required friction necessary to perform manual movement tasks
-measuring available "non-slip" characteristics of tasks, shoes and surfaces
-human factors modeling of manual movement during changes of elevation
-product analysis of stairs, fixed and portable ladders


Product Recall and After Market Warnings/Labels
-in plant implementation of manufacturing product assurance programs
-design of consistent labeling and warning systems for multi-product companies
-design of product assurance programs to meet requirements of specific product
-design and implement after-market programs involving: product recall; providing supplementary product information; and personal follow-up with purchasers
-compliance with state Product Liability Tort Statutes

New Product Warnings, Labels, Manuals, Instructions & Packaging
-methods of modifying behavior patterns during product usage
-research on warnings and instructions and their effectiveness
-evaluation and testing of product warnings/instructions
-user surveys to determine actual product knowledge
-design, development and printing of text and illustrations for
on package types of information;
product accompanying information (instructions for use, assembly procedures, and operator manuals)
product affixed information (labels and warnings); and product attached information (tags)
-computer assisted label design programs (to assure compliance with mandated and research standards)
-material safety data sheet (MSDS) systems for multi-product companies

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Federal/State/OSHA/MSDS & Consensual Safety Standards Interpretation and Compliance
-history of particular Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standards
-applicability and interpretation of U.S. Coast Guard Safety Regulations relative to recreational boat design and operation, merchant marine, and off-shore oil operations
-design implications of Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards
-history of particular American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards
-applicability and interpretation of American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC)recommended practices relative to recreational boat design and operation
-significance of Underwriters Laboratory (UL) testing to particular product
-compliance analysis of industrial workplaces/equipment relative to Federal and State OSHA standards
-consultations regarding compliance, promulgation or enforcement type hearings
-machine and process safety of prototype plastic injection molding plant
-design of material safety data sheet systems for multi product consistency


Visibility, Visual Behavior & Human Factors Analysis of Vehicle Operation
-visibility of pedestrians and fixed objects to vehicle drivers
-eye fixation and eye movement patterns characterizing the visual behavior of auto, aircraft and boat operators
-night conspicuity of fixed and moving targets
-conspicuity of vehicles to pedestrians and to other vehicle operators
-rearward mirror fields of view and operator usage in construction equipment


Alcohol Fatigue and Stressor Affects on Performance
-vibration and impact effects to drivers/passengers of land and water vehicles
-effects of alcohol consumption on operators of machinery

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Computerized Human Factors & Safety Analysis Systems
-product analysis and generic hazard analysis using computerized expert systems
-access to product design standards and safety standards through computerized data bases
-use of computerized safety ergonomics design guidelines

Forensic Engineering and Expert Witness Services
-graphical presentations to facilitate jury understanding of accident sequence, normal product usage and similar product comparisons
- accident reconstruction results portrayed through mock-ups, illustrations, and computer graphics
-research into statistical data bases relevant to a specific product's usage patterns and accidents
-engineering legal strategies regarding product liability, workers compensation accidents, third party liability, and the use of expert witnesses
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