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Chemical Based Projects-52 Trial Graphics & Animations: Examples Past Clients Tutorial Topics Miller Technical Bulletins Miller Created Warning Labels

Railroads and Mines:

Accident Investigations

Back Injuries

Train-Car Accident

Car/Tank Explosions

Chemical Release

Human Factors Engineering- Ergonomics


Elderly Living Space Safety

Exercise Equipment Accidents

Patient Care: i.e.,mesothelioma/cancer

Hospital Surgical/Care Procedures

Slip and Fall Hazards

Warning Effectiveness and Adequacy

Flavor & Fragrance Hazard Analysis


Product Safety and Analysis
Hazard and Risk Analysis
Service, Maintenance, and Rental Liability

Machine Guarding & Entanglement

Material Handling - Fork Lifts, Conveyors

OSHA Compliance

Crane Accidents

Chemicals: Manufacturing, Exposure & Labeling


OSHA Hazcom 2012 SDS and GHS Labeling

Chemical Caused Cancers - Carcinogens

Mesothelioma and Bronchiolitis Obliterans

Asbestos, Benzene, Diacetyl, Lead

Health Hazard Warnings

Toxic Tort Litigations - Warnings Analysis

OSHA Hazcom 2012 and GHS Analysis

GHS-SDS Safety Data Sheet Compliance

Ground Water Contamination

Boats & Recreational Vehicles:

Boat Design and Warnings

ATV Design, Operation, Warnings

Personal Watercraft

Operator Behavior

Bicycles, Tubes, Skis and Boards

Maritime Marine Safety


Vehicle Driver/Pedestrian Visibility

Scaffolding, Ladders, Fork Lifts, Cranes

Power Tool Repetitive and Immediate Injuries

Structural Failures

Faulty Construction Cmponents

Architectural Errors

Electricity, Energy, Water:

Miller Hydroelectric Plant

Electrical Fire Causation

Static Electric Explosions

Equipment Electrocutions

Protection Circuit Failures

Ground Water Contamination

Miller Technical Bulletins:

Highway Vehicle Accidents:

Accident Investigation

Car/Truck Accident Reconstruction
Black Box Crash Data Retrieval (Bosch CDR)
Visibility and Reaction Time Analysis
Slip/Fall off Trucks & Construction Vehicles Egress/Ingress Standards and Analysis

Carbon Monoxide Poisonings/Warnings
Driver Displays, Controls and Recalls
ARAS 360 Reconstruction Software

Human Factors, Ergonomics and Recalls

Seat Design and Air Bag Deployment

Insurance Subrogation and Forensics:

Accident Investigation

Electrical Fire Causation
Chemical Explosion/Leakage Damage
Defective Equipment Injuries
Premise Damages and Slip/Fall Injuries
Worker's Compensation Claims

Liquor Liability Claims

Negligent Equipment Maintenance

Warnings, Instructions & Packaging:

Hazard Analysis and Warnings Design

GHS- SDS and Product Label Compliance

User Manual Design
Package Label Designs
ANSI Z535 and ISO Compliance
Product Recall Response and Strategies
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Warnings

Tobacco and Alcohol Labeling

ATV CPSC Miller Labeling Project

Warning Effectiveness and Adequacy

Fire & Explosions:

Fire and Explosion Investigations

Flammable Vapor Fires

Propane and Natural Gas Explosions

Fertilizer Manufacturing Accidents

Process Piping Ruptures

Electrical Protection Failures

Home Fireplace and Electrical Failures


Miller Engineering Experimental Farm

EPA Pesticide Regulations

Farm Equipment Warnings

Farmer Chemical Exposures
Tractor, Storage and Harvesting Accidents

Food Born Illness Analysis

Flavor & Fragrance Hazard Analysis

Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points


Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA 2012)



Home and Retail Store Slips and Falls

Appliances & Tool Injuries and Fires
Children: Furniture, Choking,Playgrounds,

Strangulation, Pools &Spas

Personal Watercraft, Exercise Equipment
ATV, Boats, Bicycles, Boards
Ladder, Stair, Step and Railing Accidents

Elderly Facility Safety

Vehicle and Product Warning Efficiency

Powered Tools and Equipment

Injuries and Hazard Analysis

On Product Labels


Operator Manuals

Log Splitters

Chipper Shredders

Pressure Washers


Drills, Saws, Lathes

Grinding Wheels

Carbon Monoxide Equipment Warnings



Fork Lifts and Man Lifts


Updated 06/11/14

Professional Staff

President and Founder:
James M. Miller, PE, Phd; Engineering Emeritus Professor, University of Michigan

Mark R. Lehto, Phd; Engineering Professor, Purdue University

Managing Engineer:
Bradley T. Cook, PE - Mechanical

Staff Engineers:
Katie Lyons, PE - Chemical, Environmental
Kelley S. Lodge - Packaging, Safety & Health
Adam Olshove - Mechanical
David N. Lehto - Agricultural
Timothy Trokey, PE- Structural

Warnings, Safety Instructions, Human Factors, and Ergonomics Publications by Miller & Lehto

James Miller & Mark Lehto have coauthored four books on the topic of warnings, instructions and labeling. Their first book Warnings: Volume 1: Fundamentals, Design and Evaluation Methodologies. may have been the first scholarly book totally devoted to the topic of warnings.

In addition Dr. Lehto was the original author of the 2007 edition of Introduction to Human Factors & Ergonomics for Engineers, a textbook used in college classrooms across the country. The revised edition was issued in 2012.


Some Current Warnings Projects



Asbestos Warnings

Diacetyl Butter Flavoring Warnings

Carbon Monoxide Equipment Warnings




I founded Miller Engineering in 1980 with a mission to provide mechanical engineering, human factors, ergonomics, engineering safety, consumer research, and expert forensic services.

Our areas of expertise also now include warnings and safety instructions, hazardous chemicals and waste disposal, hospital/biomedical engineering, and safety in agricultural and construction. All this is from an engineering perspective in line with the philosophy of Professors Miller and Lehto who are the principals within the company and also affiliated with University engineering departments.

The company is known to be  very thorough in building, with our staff, the foundations necessary to suport whatever reports, opinions or testimony might arise from the various projects. Such thoroughness of course does not make us the least expensive, but our success on behalf of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, insurance companies and injured plaintiffs provides the justification.

We would be happy to discuss a potential project with you. (toll free 888-206-4394). All initial consultations with us are, of course, complimentary. Or we can provide you a paper or electronic copy of our corporate brochure and fee schedule via your email or telephone request.

Regards   -----James M. Miller, PE, PhD.





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